Medical Transport

taxi conventionnes“Taxi Conventionné” for the transport of patients by taxi.

Do you need a national health service taxi to transport you to an appointment or to the hospital?

Taxi Transport Medicasse Briançon Serre ChevalierOur taxis work closely with health insurance funds (CPAM, MSA, RSI, MGEN etc…), we will provide transport for which you will not have to pay (in the case of being covered 100%) and  we will organise the paperwork with the health insurance company to make your life easier !

To find out if you’re eligible for medical transport visit

Call Taxi Vallée, your licensed taxi that will allow you to benefit from the third-party payment.

On the day of your transport, you will hand over the medical prescription issued by your doctor, the social security certificate which will justify your 100% insurance cover and your card “mutuelle” directly to the driver.


  • Your specialised consultations
  • Hospital stays (going in and coming out)
  • Dialysis sessions
  • Radiotherapy appointments
  • Chemotherapy appointments
  • Physiotherapy appointments
  • Examinations (scanner, MRI, X-rays…)

Transport medicale Briançon